What our School Families are Saying about SDSC

"St. Denis-St. Columba School is an important part of our lives.  The children feel safe here and have made life-long friends. The teachers care and are dedicated to our children.  They are learning more than academics.  They are learning how to be kind, loving, caring people."

"I chose this school for my children because I believe in the Catholic School system.  I grew up in this type of environment - where you are reminded of God's presence, and I wanted this for my children!  My children are very happy at SDSC.  They have made many friends who have the same values and beliefs as we have.  They also have done very well academically.

"We continue to have our children attend this school so that they can practice and live our Catholic faith daily in school and at home."

"We feel the school offers our children an intimate academic environment that offers them an academic advantage over other local schools.  Our children have made life-long friends and enjoy attending classes here.

"My daughter has grown into a well-rounded young lady here at St. Denis-St. Columba.


"We chose St. Denis-St. Columba School because of the "intangibles" -- the faith that you receive through our school carries you for your entire life.

"There is an amazing sense of community at SDSC.  The children have had to face many  challenges - and to watch how they come together for each other is amazing.  My third grader recentlytold me that she loves her school, her principal, her teacher, and her friends.

"We love St. Denis-St. Columba because our daughter is getting a great education and is being taught invaluable moral lessons."

"St. Denis-St. Columba has a solid school/parent communication base, an excellent curriculum, great social communication, and a religious program based on interaction rather than rote."

"We love the strong prayer life at the school and the focus on building strong moral character.  We also find the curriculum challenging and the teachers caring and concerned."


"We continue to choose a Catholic Education at SDSC School because we feel it is very important for your children to start their lives with God in it - and with a strong value system."

"I chose St. Denis-St. Columba School because it came highly recommended as a fine institution for learning where children are not only taught, but they are also loved and cared for.  It is here that faith and God's presence are felt every day."

"My children have received a wonderful education at St. Denis-St. Columba!  At higher levels of education and in the work force, they shine!"

"We believe that having a good Catholic Education will be a good foundation for our child's future and total well-being."

"My children love going to school.  They enjoy learning and are excelling in their academic and religious studies."


"I like the smaller school atmosphere.  The academics are very strong, and the religious atmosphere is stronger and more integral than having religion class once a week."

"As a public school teacher I can see the difference in my child's values and learning."

"As an alumni with high expectations, the school continues to meet and exceed them.  It provides a strong education, which includes being fully prepared for any high school opportunity.  It also offers the individual attention that gets the most out of each student."

"St. Denis-St. Columba has a remarkable reputation for its excellence in Catholic Education.  We wanted our child to receive a good, Catholic and academic education and to continue to grow in her faith."

"We feel that religion, which is offered at SDSC is a very important part of what we want our children to have in their lives."


"I have been nothing but pleased with the education, both spiritual and academic, that my children have received at SDSC.  The environment is warm and nurturing."

"I chose St. Denis-St. Columba School because I wanted my children to know their faith, to be able to defend it, to be proud they are Roman Catholic and to get a good education."

"I went to St. Denis-St. Columba and received a great education, as well as Catholic values and morals.  I want my child to receive the same."

"I like that my children are learning to be disciples of Jesus.  In regard to the curriculum, I like how it's structured and organized."

"We are very happy with the curriculum and the quality of instruction.  SDSC is a great learning environment!"

Jesus with kids

Curriculum and discipline have taught our children respect and true love of religion. They are proud of their hard work and strive to do their best at everything. Their school values are carried into their everyday lives."

"We are Catholic School advocates.  St. Denis-St. Columba has an excellent reputation.  There is excellent communication between staff, teachers and families.  We've never felt like a number and have always been recognized."

"I feel that my children are getting a great education.  I love the "family" atmosphere that the school has.  I, too, attended this school and received an outstanding education.

"Growing up in a Catholic School taught me and my husband a lot.  It gave us a security and taught us to be close to God.  We only wish the same for our child.