Registration - New Students

The enrollment process begins by submitting an electronic application using the "Apply Now" link on the school website. Once you receive notice of your child’s application is complete, you will begin the Registration process.  Your child’s Registration reserves a space in the class, but is conditioned upon successful completion of all of the registration/enrollment requirements in a timely manner.  Your child’s space may be released to another student if your file is not complete.

The following steps are required for all students to complete the registration:

1. You must provide the following original documents to the school. They are available HERE as a single registration packet, or you may click the links to below to access them individually.
üBirth Certificate 
üBaptismal Certificate 
üImmunization Records

 2. You must complete the following (click to obtain forms): 
ü Universal Student Application
ü Health Data Sheet
ü New Registration Contract
ü Textbook Form
ü Release of Records Form
ü Transportation Form (Provided at the School)

 3. Schedule an interview with the Principal.  Call the school office for date and time.

4. You must register in person with the school district where you reside.  (This insures your child receives the services and materials from the school district where you pay school taxes.)  Every district requires the following for registration:
ü Birth Certificate
ü Proof(s) of Residency


If your child has been accepted into our Kindergarten class, you must also:

ü Schedule a Kindergarten readiness assessment for your child.  (Scheduled during the Principal interview.)
ü If possible, provide a copy of a Preschool Progress Report.  

Grades 1-8

If your child has been accepted into a class for Grades 1-8, you must also provide:
ü Most Recent Report Card
ü Most Recent New York State Standardized Test Scores (ELA and Math)
ü Recent Test Scores of Any Other Standardized Tests
ü Letter of Recommendation from Principal
ü Letter of Recommendation from a Teacher

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to welcoming your child into our loving and caring school family!