Treasurer Forms

Treasurer Forms


PSA Board Members and Committee Chairs/Members can find all the forms necessary to be reimbursed for funds or to deposit funds after an event.  The PSA Treasurer cuts checks every other Monday so it may take up to 2 weeks for reimbursements.


Event Summary and Financial Accounting Report

This form is to be completed by every event Committee Chairperson and is to be submitted to the PSA Treasurer within two weeks after the event.  This form gives the PSA a summary of what was needed to prepare and execute each event, and the financial summary associated with it.

​Deposit Slip

You can use a Deposit Slip to deposit funds earned at a SDSC event or activity.  Please personally hand the completed Deposit Slip and deposit to a secretary in the Main Office within 2 weeks of the event.  Do not send it in with your child.  

Check Request Form

A Check Request Form is used when the school is to pay the cost of something in advance or for any item that is over $250.